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Car Charging Station Installation

Have you just purchased an electric vehicle or looking into buying one in the near future? One of our Tesla certified technicians will be more than happy to go out your house and provide you with a free quote to install your new charging station. Give our office staff a call at (425)760-3203 to schedule an appointment. we look forward to hearing from you!   


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“I woke up to a burning smell in my apartment and found a faulty heating unit… I called 8 companies looking for same-day service. THESE GUYS WERE THE FIRST *and* THE SECOND company to call me back, at 6:30 in the morning and they started work by 7:30am. Now I feel safe to go to work and go on my business trip tomorrow. They were polite on the phone and in person, and I found their rate very reasonable. Gravy, in my case! Couldn't be more impressed!” – Travis S., Seattle

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