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Has a light or plug stopped working? Are devices plugged in to certain outlets consistently malfunctioning? Would you like to eliminate some or all of your ungrounded circuits? Give us a call today at 888-223-3775 and we can diagnose, locate, and repair your electrical problems quickly and efficiently.

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“I woke up to a burning smell in my apartment and found a faulty heating unit… I called 8 companies looking for same-day service. THESE GUYS WERE THE FIRST *and* THE SECOND company to call me back, at 6:30 in the morning and they started work by 7:30am. Now I feel safe to go to work and go on my business trip tomorrow. They were polite on the phone and in person, and I found their rate very reasonable. Gravy, in my case! Couldn't be more impressed!” – Travis S., Seattle

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