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Below is a short description of the various services we provide at In-House Electric. Click on any of them for more details, or give us a call at (425)760-3203 or fill out the short form to the right - we look forward to answering your questions.

Diagnosing mostly minor problems such as why an outlet or light isn't working or why fuses blow or breakers trip.

Car Charging Station Installation
Installing an electric vehicle charging station in your home will provide you with the convenience of charging your car while you sleep. Our Tesla certified technicians can take care of this project for you. 

Knob & Tube Rewiring
Replacing unsafe knob & tube wiring with wiring that meets current electrical codes.

Service & Panel Upgrades
Increasing the amount of power available to the whole home and/or replacing the service panel for capacity or safety reasons.

Ceiling Fan Installation
Installing new fixtures and any required wiring and switches for ceiling fans.

Dedicated Circuits
Adding circuits dedicated to high-draw appliances such as microwaves, washer/dryers, or heaters to prevent overloaded or tripping breakers.

Lighting Upgrades
Adding or upgrading wiring for new or replacement light fixtures as well as related equipment such as timers or dimmers.

Generators & Backup Switches
Installation of portable or standby backup generators, transfer switches and all related equipment.

Home Rewiring
Upgrading or replacing knob and tube, aluminum, or ungrounded wiring throughout an entire home or substantial portions of a home.

Substantial alterations to a room or rooms requiring new wiring for fixtures, appliances, or outlets.

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"Very quick contact after project was submitted even though it was a holiday weekend. In addition, the electrician was prompt and on-time for the appointment. Their rate was very reasonable and they were able to resolve the issue in the initial visit. They did find additional work that could be done, but were extremely low key about suggesting the work and did not apply high-pressure sales techniques or say work needed to be done that did not need to be done immediately. I highly recommend them."
– Mark O., Bothell

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